Welcome beautiful creator. You have so much to share.

You may not know this yet, but you are truly wonderful inside and out. And when I say you –I mean YOU. All the dreams, achievements, wisdom, talent, gifts…as well as the loss, pain, heartache, anger, and failure; these are all stirred together in a magical cauldron where the steam and heat that rises from the boiling Elixir make up your Gorgeous and Unique spirit.

But I know that sometimes we run into dark times.  What do dark times look like for you? It might be when you're in a job that doesn’t represent who you are anymore.  Perhaps when you’re feeling misunderstood and unheard. Or maybe it's when your are trying to strike out on your own, but the same old fears are holding you back.

In those time we may turn family, friends, spouses, lovers, healers…all of who may have guided and loving advice.

However I’m here to lovingly tell you: Only one person has the healing Elixir to your life and soul.

That person is you.

What is here for you?

This website is the home of the Faerie Intuition Program designed to get you back in touch with Embracing and Adoring all parts of yourself that make you YOU.

It does this in a unique way: Through the interpretation of Fairy Tales, Legendary Characters, and Symbolism in Film & Literature.

If you've stumbled across this program, I bet I can already guess: You are intuitive, sensitive, a believer of magic, creative, adore nature, and have amazing things to share with your tribe.

The Faerie Intuition Program takes all of these feels into account to create a beautiful journey of imagery, processing, understanding, awareness, healing, and peace of mind.  


I'm Liv York, and I'm delighted you're here!

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